NEWLINK Active Optical HDMI Cable – 18Gbps, 4k @60Hz

Newlink Active Optical HDMI Cable – 18Gbps, 4k @60Hz


HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC) use fibre optic cable to carry the HDMI signal. This means that the signal can be carried much further than a traditional copper cable, and reduces the risk of interference.

HDMI AOC cables also have copper wires inside which carries the power so no external power adapter is required. These cables are compliant with the construction product regulations (CPR) so can be used in fixed installations.

Our HDMI AOC work with true Ultra HD satellite boxes, bluray players, consoles and computers. The is no additional equipment required and will work with existing HDMI devices.

These active cables are one direction only, this means you need to connect the source connector to your satellite box, games console, pc, laptop etc and the display connector to a TV or Projector etc.
Product Number: 100113237
Product Code: NLHDMI-AOC050

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